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Brief History

The business was established in September 1987  in Louis Trichardt with traditional key accounts mainly in Limpopo Province. The business has been operating as a flexible and dynamic paint manufacturer since 1987. In 1997 the factory and Head Office was relocated to Bronkhorstspruit in Gauteng in order to be closer to raw material suppliers, operational resources and previously untapped market segments. However, basic blending facilities at the Louis Trichardt branch were kept and our Limpopo Province customers are mainly serviced from there.


Strategic Location

Our head office and main manufacturing plant is situated in Bronkhorstspruit from where we can provide a service to customers in the whole of Gauteng,  North West Province,  Mpumalanga and our depot in Louis Trichardt services the Limpopo Province. Pro-Paint Manufacturing has a focused differentiation strategy and our geographical footprint supports distribution to selected customers within this geographical area.

Human Resources

Pro-Paint Manufacturing was established with 2 staff members. Today we are proud to say that we have more than 40 permanently employed staff members, with a combined experience in the paint industry of over 150 years. We are committed to the recommendations of the BEE commission and is currently a certified contributor. Apart from our empowerment commitments through social development, skills transfer and procurement opportunities, our vision strives for the distribution of wealth that is earned through hard work and sound business principles.

Our Vision

" Pro-Paint will be the best paint and coatings manufacturer and supplier to a selected customer base in 4 specific end user market segments in Southern Africa: Construction and General building, Steel fabrication and maintenance, Commercial vechile, body and trailer builders, Corrosion control and maintenance.

Pro-Paint will achieve and maintain mastery at all levels of our business Use our niche to overcome price competition Utilize our commitment to adding vallue to our customers through our systems, technology and people leverage as a defferentiation factor within the industry.With expected returns to its shareholders, unfaultable commitment to its stakeholders and with incentives funded from productivity to increase the disposable income of every employee for the benefit of themselves."


Our Mission

Consistancy is more important than briliance and therefore Pro-Paint Manufacturing  (Pty) Ltd will not compromise on consistancy.

Pro-Paint will achieve and maintain mastery at all levels of the business. Use its niche to overcome price competition. Utilize its commitment to adding vallue to our customers through tried and tested systems, technology and deploy skilled people for leverage and as a defferentiation factor within the industry.


1987 - Established Pro-Paint Manufacturing with only 2 staff members.
1997 - Move administrative head office and manufacturing plant to (Bronkhorstspruit) Gauteng.
1999 - Obtain 1st  permit to apply SABS certification mark on roadmarking paint.
2000 - Pro-Paint Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd was registered.
2008 - Celebrates 21 years of service to the industry.
2009 - Successfully converts all decorative finishes to lead free pigments and signs SAPMA decleration.
2010 - Obtains membership to the Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa.
2011 - Is awarded the INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN TROPHY FOR QUALITY by the members of the TRADE LEADERS' CLUB.
2011 - Launch trade range of low cost and entry level paint systems.
2012 - Launch PCR (Preparation Chemicals Range).
2012 - Celebrates 25 years of service to the industry.

2014 – Register the trade mark and launch Pro-Paint Procor range of steel protection and corrosion control systems.

2015 – Apply for the trade mark and launch Pro-Paint Flash Rust Inhibitor intended specifically for the steel fabrication industry.

2015 – Develop and launch a Copper Naphthenate based microbial protection for industrial textiles.

Established 1987


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