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Do you know exactly what you need?

Paint – more than just oil of water-based …. More than just cheap or expensive!

Let us help you understand paint and then choose the right paint for the particular application!

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Entry-level low-cost paint

Pro paint manufactures all ranges of paints.

Primers & first coats.

  1. CP7 Plaster primer: MSDS / TDS
  2. Alkaline resistant plaster primer: MSDS / TDS
  3. Superior Universal undercoat: MSDS / TDS
Top coats

  1. Super acrylic sheen range: MSDSTDS
  2. Super acrylic matt range: MSDS / TDS
  3. High gloss enamel range: MSDS / TDS
  4. Superior Roof coat range: MSDSTDS
  5. Urethane floor coat range: MSDS / TDS

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